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senior management

Andrew Sampson

Andrew Sampson - Laboratory Manager

Andrew has more than 20 years metallurgical experience in the mining industry, having worked in hands-on and management roles for many mining companies within Western Australia. The experience from his previous roles ensures Metallurgy not only meets, but exceeds the standards of our competitors. Andrew holds a BSc with a double major in Extractive Metallurgy and Chemistry and oversees the planning, preparation and execution of test-work.

david hodgson

David Hodgson - Laboratory Supervisor

David has more than 25 years' experience in the operation and supervision of metallurgical laboratories in Australia and Africa. David has worked for gold and nickel mining companies', as well as for several contract metallurgical laboratories. The combination of supervisory roles in both remote and industrial operations allows David to lead the team with the certainty of personal experience, knowledge and understanding.