Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning

Metallurgy’s technicians and metallurgists in Perth have strong experience in working for clients on solvent extraction & electrowinning projects. Read below to find out more about the services in solvent extraction and electrowinning by Metallurgy.

Solvent Extraction Testwork:

Metallurgy has proven experience recovering a number of elements through Solvent Extraction. This includes the recovery of:

  • Zirconium and Rare Earth Elements
  • Manganese and Vanadium
  • Gold and Precious Metals
  • Niobium and Tantalum
  • Nickel and Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Uranium

Our expertise in Solvent Extraction can help you improve your projects faster, and more cost effectively. We provide technical services in;

  • Determination of phase disengagement and separation times
  • Chemical and physical organic scrubbing studies
  • Evaluation of physical properties (densities and viscosities)
  • pH profiles that determine effect of pH on metal distribution
  • Effect of reagent concentration, temperature and phase continuity
  • Evaluation of maximum loading and effective organic reagent concentration
  • Determination of kinetics (extraction and stripping)


Metallurgy provides comprehensive metallurgical services in electrowinning. Our metallurgists and technicians in electrowinning have the expertise and experience to help you develop the process parameters and testwork program including:

  • Design, specify and build custom cell configurations
  • Assembly and transfer of modular pilot plants to remote sites


Metallurgy Pty Ltd provides pilot design and smaller scale testing services on solvent extraction and electrowinning. Our solvent extraction equipment includes mixer-settlers, columns, contactors, reciprocating plates and contacting units. Our laboratory has electrowinning cells, power supplies and electrode materials for use as stand-alone electrowinning units or with SX circuits. Our cells can be equipped with temperature control and electrolyte recirculation systems when necessary.

Contact the team at Metallurgy to enquire about solvent extraction and electrowinning services on 08 9458 3286.