Sample Services

Metallurgy provides comprehensive metallurgical services in the processing of exploration and ore samples from various mineralogical deposits. This includes the analysis of samples originating from overseas.

Overseas Sample Importation:

Metallurgy is fully equipped to import samples from overseas locations, and can assist you in meeting import requirements.

Metallurgy’s facility in Welshpool accepts mineral, soil, and water samples for testwork and analysis. Samples are subjected to quarantine treatment prior to transport or disposal. Metallurgy holds AQIS Quarantine Import Permit number IP12017832.

Please contact Metallurgy to arrange delivery of samples from overseas locations.

Further information can be found at the following websites:

Importing Biological Products and Foodstuffs

Import Conditions Search

DAFF Quarantine Requirements – Import of Minerals


We also provide a service to retrieve samples from your location:

  • Sending our trained personnel to your location, ensuring a chain of custody and sample integrity.
  • Organising the logistics and documentation.

Retrieval can be arranged from any jurisdiction that is amenable for sample export/transport and personnel transfer.

Our motto is;
Anyplace Anytime

Sample Preparation

The Metallurgy facility is of a scale suitable for pilot scale processing programs.

We also have the capacity to process radioactive ore and/or hazardous samples.

The size of this facility allows sufficient area for operational needs such as sample receipt and sorting/racking. We also provide a range of geological sample processing services.

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Metallurgy is located in the industrial suburb of Welshpool in Western Australia. Our laboratory includes a convenient sample storage facility which is available to our clients at competitive rates.

Samples may be stored by various methods and retrieved as requested by the client for further test work, return or disposal.

All samples are stored for one month without charge on completion of test work. Storage charges apply after this period.

Metallurgy also offers a range of additional related services including:

  • Sea container purchase/relocation
  • Large scale refrigeration of samples
  • Long term storage
  • Large scale ambient storage
  • Sample distribution to various locations
  • Dangerous goods handling and storage

All precautions are taken to protect the integrity of client samples.

Please contact us for further information and the latest sample storage rates.


A waste disposal tariff will be incurred where hazardous materials are present. This may include hazards such as heavy metals, asbestos, naturally occurring radioactive materials and chemicals used in test work. Proper waste disposal protocols are adopted to meet or exceed state and national guidelines.

A 50% surcharge is added to invoices where a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certified report is requested. Such a request must be made prior to, or at the time of, submitting the samples.

A 200% surcharge is added to invoices where long term storage of hazardous material applies (e.g. radioactive materials).

Discounts may apply for large batches – please contact Metallurgy to discuss your needs.