Other Industrial Minerals & Rare Earth Metals

Metallurgy has gained significant expertise via continually developing/employing testwork programs on rare earth metals, base metals and industrial minerals that are relevant to the mining industry, thus enabling us to provide an unparalleled level of metallurgical service. Our strategic partners combined with our holistic approach translate into Metallurgy being able to offer a flexible, efficient and effective range of services. Our rare earth metals team have proven capabilities in the design and management of gold testwork and operations throughout Australia and worldwide.

Our scope of rare earth metals services ranges from sample selection, ore characterisation and mineralogy. through to management of metallurgical testwork. Our services also include iron ore processing, iron ore extraction and uranium extraction.

Metallurgy has expertise with a wide range of base metals, rare earth metals and minerals and other industrial minerals relevant to the mining industry.

Our current and previous rare earth metals projects include:

Uranium, Niobium and Rare EarthsGlobe Minerals and MiningFlotation, HF leaching
Peak ResourcesFlotation Testwork
Greenland MineralsBulk Crushing and Blending
TinKasbah ResourcesFlotation testwork
NickelSirius ResourcesProcess Development Testwork
Pot AshPotash WestProcess Development Testwork
Graphitic CarbonSovereign MetalsSighter Flotation Testwork
Talga ResourcesSighter Flotation Testwork
ManganeseZenith MineralsHLS Testwork
DRA PacificHLS Testwork
CopperEmpire ResourcesAcid Leach Testwork

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