Metallurgy offers a wide range of hydrometallurgy testwork for our clients, including simple bench scale hydrometallurgy tests, ore characterisation and optimising extraction at the pilot scale.

Our experienced technicians are specialists in a diverse array of hydrometallurgy processes, including but not limited to Uranium, Base Metals, Nickel and Precious Metals.

Metallurgy has experience in various types of hydrometallurgy test work, such as:

  • Acid and Alkaline Leaching
  • Agglomeration and Percolation
  • Agitation Leaching – Batch and Pilot
  • Merrill Crowe
  • Bottle-Roll Cyanidation
  • Heap Leaching (Bench & Engineering)
  • Recovery from solution using Solvent Extraction and/or Ion Exchange.
  • Precipitation/Reduction
  • Cyanide Detoxification
  • Solution Purification
  • Resin-in-Pulp: Batch and Pilot
  • Resin-in-Solution: Batch and Pilot
  • Resin-Ion-Exchange: Batch and Pilot

Column Leaching and Agglomeration:

Metallurgy conducts hydrometallurgy bench scale and engineering scale column leaching tests for gold, silver, copper, uranium and cobalt ores. The hydrometallurgy test regimes are carried out according to client specifications in either open or closed circuit columns. Agglomeration is carried out on ore types containing a significant proportion of fine particles prior to leaching.

Agitation and Bottle Roll Leaching Testing:

Metallurgy offers a wide range of cyanide leaching technologies.

Our standardised bottle roll test procedures follow strictly controlled parameters of time, grind size, agitation, alkalinity, oxygenation and pH levels. The results from our Metallurgy bottle roll test provide a relatively accurate indication of the results you can expect in final gold recoveries.

  • Batch carbon-adsorption tests such as carbon-in-leach (CIL) and carbon-in-pulp (CIP)
  • Uranium leaching in either acidic or alkaline conditions

Cyanide Destruction:

Metallurgy is experienced in the destruction of cyanide. We provide globally recognised and cost-effective solutions to cyanide destruction while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Metallurgy offers a number of different processes for cyanide destruction.

Our metallurgists consider several factors before recommending the best option for your particular application:

  • Environmental regulations that specify the allowable concentration limits in the tailings
  • The unique chemical composition of the tailings from your operation
  • Detoxification techniques in relation to their ability to treat certain species
  • Reagent consumption and cost

Metallurgy has extensive experience with the most effective methods of cyanide destruction.

Our hydrometallurgy experts work with you to select the hydrometallurgy method that is most appropriate for your operations.
Contact the team of hydrometallurgy experts at Metallurgy to enquire about hydrometallurgy services on 08 9458 3286.