Independent Metallurgical Operations Pty Ltd

Independent Metallurgical Operations Pty Ltd (IMO) has provided operational and project support services to the mining industry since 1998. Our focus is to deliver tailored metallurgical solutions that are cost effective, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible.

The objectives of IMO are to assist exploration, mining and engineering companies with development process options for new projects or the management and optimisation of existing minerals treatment plants. This may be achieved through the management of studies in-house or the provision of contractors and permanent staff into client project and operations teams. IMO’s vast experience has been gained through both small and large scale mining operations in a range of commodities.

Extensive exposure to all aspects of project development, design, plant commissioning and operations management, both domestically and internationally, allows us to understand and accommodate your specific project requirements.

West Perth Office - Consulting
88 Thomas Street
West Perth WA 6005
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P: +61 8 9254 6900
F: +61 8 9322 1808

Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd

Strategic Metallurgy has extensive hands-on experience at board level combined with a strong technical background. As well as assisting your team to successfully develop tailor-made technological solutions for your projects, we can provide a comprehensive strategic review of your metallurgical process, technical capability and the management and board decision making framework required to ensure a successful outcome.

Early engagement with pre and recent IPO start-ups can ensure that you have a practical view of what can be achieved and in what framework. For an operating company looking at new projects we can give you a dispassionate view of what’s possible, and maybe, what’s not. Our approach is to work with your team to help provide answers that are well reasoned, practical and timely.

Strategic Metallurgy
PO Box 832
Claremont WA 6910
P: +61 418 907 283